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You can expect A LOT MORE of this, some of the videos may be a bit cryptic, but it's to weed out the chaff (those just wanting to see fangs, boobs and blood), so to speak... Some people have claimed that the above is a hoax, and they are welcome to their opinion.  I was brutally upfront in saying that this was Michael's 8mm film and not mine and used crowdsourcing to determine any of the locations featured.  I have since identified them all, so not really a hoax - I didn't ask for someone to carbon date an alarm system!

Beauty at the Cemetery

A range of images are appearing on and also Instagram when I can be bothered.  Some of the images are from cemeteries (sorry) but only to document siginificant finds.  These are not revelatory but surplus research pictures that actually provide no solid leads, hence we are sharing them with the general public.  Pictures and video that is part of a bigger investigation is packaged and used in house or passed on to the relevant law enforcement authorities.  We are not investigating potential 'vampires' for fun but to prevent crimes against the most vulnerable members of society. 


Home security and surveillance from FlyOnTheWall.Uk.Com


To be kept upto date with the latest videos, please follow my channel on Youtube  . I'm still in the process of gathering archives, developing old film and uncovering the truth.  I apologise to those who were disappointed by my lame initial first efforts, I will explain all.  What will appear from now will be solely based on fact or observational video highlighting what is wrong with London and people in general.  

In production: more vampire sightings, London's secret tunnels, vampire networks, Furnival Street, London vampire networks, Russian Vampire folklore, Black Plague of London, the vampire genre, vampire novels explored, vampire black taxis, alleged vampire experts exposed, vampires of london, vampire ghost stories, vampire stereotypes, Jack the Ripper and the vampire link.  Be careful what you wish for. 


 Here are just a snippet of some, but not all, of the London hotspots where you can watch for activity.  I've also documented some of the sites where I've confronted them, and also places that have particular attraction/relevance to my fight.  Flicker account to follow where a more organised vampire gallery will appear of all my investigations... * 

Disused toilets outside of Smithfield Meat Market, LondonTaken close to their headquartersArrive early enough to watch them tradesafe entry point for heavy goods vehiclesClose to Maiden Lane, don't walk here alone!


Most of the images are taken within 1 square mile of their London vampire headquarters off Long Acre.  It is my intention to bring back footage taken within some of the basements, feeding rooms and networks of tunnels that exist beneath London.

Eternal Life

Vampire autopsy has been requested by many of you - I am working with an ally who has medical experience to deliver content linked to the development of parasites and their effect on the human body. JM




Home of the London VampireThe Vampire MythsThe Vampire ConspiraciesPhotos/Video EvidenceOctober's Son: The London Vampire DiariesLinks/Understanding - Real Vampires