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About Me - John Michaelson

I had the whole package.  I embraced London and everything it offered me.  That's all gone now - because of them. I was so naive.

I'm not a vampire hunter, since I don't technically class them as 'vampires'.  I don't go round desecrating graves or throwing holy water over severe looking Romanians; nor do I stand on street corners preaching the gospel and condemning the world to an eternity of sin - but you may want to start praying more. 

"He who trusts in himself is a fool, he who walks in wisdom is safe" Proverb 28:26

The true face of Vampires in London

I'm on a mission to expose them and reveal, to the world, the truth about what is really going on beneath the streets of London.  It's cost me everything I had: my job, my girlfriend, my dad - pretty much my whole damn life.  I was convinced that I was turning into a vampire, which is how I met Michael.  I guess you could say I was a little disappointed when he eventually disclosed what I really was.  And imagine how annoyed I was when I searched for answers on the web and only found folklore presented as fact.

I've chosen to resist being assimilated in to their world and now I'm continuing my fight.  Alone. 

I'm not always actively online, but do contact me if you want to know more.  I've since released a book to appease those who kept asking for a quick fix but it does not explain my day to day role in exposing these creatures, more how I became sucked in. Note - please don't email me and ask if vampires are real, read the f***ing website.   You're here seeking the truth, or you're fed up of being fed vampire stereotypes, Hollywood lies, or you're being groomed by people online who want you to do things - strange things.  I have been in that situation and feel incensed to warn others.   

When I'm out on reconnaissance or have just had an unpleasant encounter, I sometimes leave a tweet in the hope that one day I'll have an ally close.  You're welcome to follow my progress on twitter @thelondonvamp or find me on Facebook, or even be voyeuristic and look at my flickr or instagram account but I don't use them anymore since the web is full of distractions. But I am far too busy researching and following up leads - so don't expect a web account of selfies like the one above.   
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Do feel free to give feedback.  If you want to threaten me, don't complain when one of my supporters tracks you down and shoves a stake up your a** for a lack of manners and intelligence.  Details are not kept for spam and you will only get an additional email when my pledge to Michael is complete. Soon.

Vampires don't exist like you think they do. They do not sparkle in the sunshine, have pretty eyes or mutate into furry wolves. They infect people, strip away their humanity and cause pain and misery. You will see. 

I will try and respond to all emails that meet the criteria, but if you can't be bothered to spell correctly, ask stupid questions, or talk about yourself . . . sorry, I am genuinely busy trying to solve a problem. Please don't waste your time. Take a #vampire selfie and tweet it to all your sad friends.

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